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7 Things Psychics Want You To Know

 Disclaimer – Your psychic reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. Each client receiving a psychic reading is responsible for his or her own choices and actions. Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Here are some points to ponder when seeking the consultation of authentic psychics:

  1. We can’t manifest a romance for you. Or a baby, or a job. But, we can offer you intuitive insight about the steps you should consider to achieve your goal, whether it’s lifestyle adjustments, surrounding yourself with the proper people, or furthering your education or training. Opportunities rarely drop in our laps without investing some intention and energy into making them happen! Whenever I’ve guided someone in the proper direction—and they’ve agreed and followed through—they are absolutely glowing with the contentment of having taken charge and self-directed their dreams. And things usually only escalate proactively from there.
  2. We will not make major life decisions for you. This includes ending your marriage, leaving your job, terminating a pregnancy or even taking someone off life support. (Honestly, do you really want a stranger telling you what to do in these situations?) But, we can offer you options and choices based upon the intuitive information we are receiving, such as a “good, better and best-case” scenario. Ultimately, the rest is up to you and it is advisable that you also confide in people who know you best, such as family and friends, for advice.
  3. Connecting with deceased loved ones is not an on-demand service. You may desperately want to hear from your beloved father who passed on, but the reality is you cannot simply dial him up at will. The truth is, going into a psychic reading with such tunnel vision may prevent you from receiving other healing messages that may come through. With me, you have to expect the unexpected, as I usually get the person you’d least expect to hear from who has stepped forward to express remorse and ask your forgiveness. Oftentimes, too, once the most pressing message is delivered, it opens a passageway for others to step forward—which may just include the very soul you’re anticipating.
  4. You may not like everything you hear. This is not a reference to predicting death or tragedy—that’s not the style of authentic psychics. However, our role as intuitive counselors is that of an objective and impartial third party. We want you to succeed and be happy! If you need to clean up your act in order to get your life back on track, we are compelled to communicate just that. Remember: you will attract what you put out. You can’t expect sunshine and roses if you are a “Debbie Downer.” The best among us know how to frame such things in a compassionate yet diplomatic manner. After all, it could very well be just the tonic for what ails you. So, please be open to hearing whatever may come through knowing it is intended for your greatest good.
  5. Information from one psychic may not match that of another. Among the wonderful things about being human is that we are as unique and individual as each individual is unique. Our spiritual gifts and talents will be channeled through us singularly, colored by our life experiences and what we’ve been exposed to. Receiving information from one psychic that does not align precisely with another does not mean that anyone is any less qualified than the other. There are other variables to consider, such as the unique channeling just described. Even if you returned to the same psychic the very next day, the information has a likelihood of being completely different based on your mood, events in your life over the past 24 hours, or shifts in the energetic field around you. Primary to realize, however, is that you possess free will to do whatever you wish with the information you are receiving and to employ it to your best advantage.
  6. We’re not going to play “Stump the Psychic.” Your attempts to get us to say “the magic word,” such as naming your childhood dog or repeating your mother’s dying wish verbatim feels confrontational from the get-go, and may actually hinder the psychic process by setting up firewalls of skepticism. We are psychics, not mentalists. Information comes through us from Spirit, and you’ll get precisely what you’re intended to receive. Your fixation on wanting to hear the one thing that’s going to convince you it’s real will block you from hearing anything else relevant. Instead, relax and please be open-minded to whatever comes through. We’ll both have a great time for it!
  7. There’s no such thing as a “Psychic Emergency.” If you are in a crisis situation and someone you know is a danger to themselves or others, do not reach out to a psychic for advisement; instead, please call 911, crisis intervention or some other community emergency response service. Consulting a psychic is one tool to support you in making proper and authentic life choices. One of my clients felt certain her volatile boyfriend was going to kill her. My reply was to reiterate the preceding roster of interventions. We have lives of our own, too, and are not on-call to micro-manage your life circumstances—this is unhealthy. In fact, I permit each client one, one-hour session per year. This disallows dependency while granting leave for any predictions to manifest. It is also important that you look within, not outside, yourself to build a spiritual confidence and resiliency of your own. When in doubt, and above all, have faith in your faith.

1) Is your reading accurate? Yes my readings are accurate. I try to be honest with all clients. Some do not like the answer but I tell you how it is. It is the best way.

2) Can you really tell me my future? I can tell you your future. Please trust in me and I can help in all fields of your life. I receive messages and information from my Angels and Guides to answer your questions.

3) How long have you been doing readings? Since 2003.

4) Can you charge me less for a reading? No, I am sorry this is not possible. It is the same charge for everyone. I try to keep my prices competitive but fair.

5) You sound very young. How old are you? My voice is very young and I sound like an 18 year old. However I am over 40 years old. My age allows me experience and knowledge in all fields of life.

6) Is a telephone reading as good as a face to face reading? Yes, they are the same.

7) Can you do a reading on yourself? I can do a part reading on myself. I have strong gut feelings and I am able to forsee more things than usual as I am Psychic.

8) Why should I trust your readings to be true? Because they are. I am a graduate in Psychology along with my lengthy experience in doing tarot card readings and being a clairvoyant psychic.

9) What country are you from? I was born in East Africa, Tanzania dar-as-slaam. My parents are from Delhi, India. I have lived in London since I was 4 years old and I am British.

10) What religion are you? Hindu Punjabi but I respect all religions including those who are atheists or agnostics. I was once atheist and agnostic though now I do believe in God.

11) Can I visit you and pay cash for the reading? No, you must pay in advance for the reading online via paypal or bank transfer.

12) Do you do party readings and how much are they? Yes I do. Please book where it says, "Schedule Appointment" at the top of this page.

13) If I call the 09 number will you answer the phone? Yes when I am logged in which is most of the time. I do sleep at night time however. If I do not answer the 09 number then your call will be answered by one of my expert panel of psychics. many of them stay awake at night time and sleep during the day time as they prefer to work at night.

14) How much is the 09 number and is there a limit to the time I can have my reading? Calls cost £1.53 per minute plus your network provider access charge. You must have the billpayer's permission to use this service. All calls are recorded for quality & security purposes. Over 18, Entertainment only. As this is a premium rate number it is governed by Phonepay a government body that is there to protect the consumer. The 09 number disconnects automatically after 20 mins as this is the maximum you can talk at one time. This costs a total of £30.60. If you need to continue your reading you can phone me back on the same number.

15) Can you help me get what I want using the tarot cards? Yes I can do this for you. Just ask me when I am doing a reading for you.

16) What are the tarot cards? The Tarot Cards work through synchronicity- in other words, the random patterns in which the cards seem to fall are part of a greater pattern within the cosmic scheme of things. For more infomration please see "History of Tarot Cards" on my website.

17) How do you tell the future using tarot cards The pictures on the tarot cards tell a story about you and I need to discipher these meanings to relay this information to you. When you ask me questions I can give you the answers by simply studying the tarot cards that are put on the table after the question is asked. Angels, guides and spirits help me to get the answers along with my psychic ability.

18) Can anyone learn to do tarot readings? Yes anyone can learn the tarot cards. We all have gut feelings, some psychic sense especially with family and close links. Training is required in this field.

19) What kind of person can learn to do tarot readings? Those who can spend a lot of time studying people by reading books on the psychology of a person and other related fields. Also you must do some training in this field with a Tarot Cards Teacher or open university type learning where there is a teacher you can contact to answer any questions by phone, email or online. You need to spend a lot of alone time studying this field and have practical experience. There are schools that train people to do tarot card readings. I am not a Tarot Cards Teacher.

20) Where can I go to learn to do tarot readings? There are many schools that train students to do tarot card readings. They are all over the country. Some psychics are teachers also and they offer training packs for a price. You can get more information on the google search engine.

21) Are there any discounts for tarot card readings?  No sorry. My tarot reading rates are clearly stated on my home page.

22) Do you visit all of London for the same price? Yes I do provided it has a London postcode.

23) How much extra do you charge if I live just on the borders of London? I do not visit people outside London.

24) Are there any discounts if I am disabled? No sorry as I still need to travel to you and time as well as travel costs money. I do however do visits where many psychics will not visit people as we are all vulnerable to attacks from strangers. I am a lady and will always feel safer to visit another woman. I leave your address with my family when I visit you whether you are a man or a woman and I check in with my family or a friend when I reach you. Safety is paramount. I then need to contact them after I have done the reading to make sure I am fine. I have never experienced anything bad and hope never to.

25) Why dont you give your address on the website? Many people have partners or family that do not believe in tarot readings and can cause me and my family hassle by blaming me for what I advise a client. My family and my personal safety comes before anything else. I am sure you understand as you would not want trouble to your family for any reason. I live in East London and my head office is based in Central London. I do need to check in there often. It is always best to keep a tarot reading to yourself and make your own decisions. I am always here on the end of a telephone if you need to verify anything.

26) How much am I charged if I phone you on the premium rate 09 number for a tarot card reading? £1.53 per minute plus network access charge. The premium rate 09 number disconnects after 20 mins as this is part of government regulations to allow the client to have control on their spending. In this way the telephone line disconnects when you have spent in the region of £30 or thereabouts so you do not end up with a huge bill and do not know how that happened. You can use your mobile phone or a landline to make the call but you must have permission from the owner of the line when making the call. You can make the call again to the premium rate no when it disconnects automatically after 20 mins.

27) When can I visit you? Whats app me for an appointment on +447910 531 123 or book online via the booking engine.

28) Do you do slumber parties, engagement parties, hen parties, wedding parties? Yes I do. Please book via the software booking site where it says Schedule Appointment.

29) Do you pick up the phone so I can have a chat with you before paying for a tarot reading? Yes if I am available.

30) Do you feel you are experienced enough to help me with my problems? Yes. I am very experienced as I have a BSc Hons Pyschology background where we studied counselling as well as the psychology of the person and many other modules in the degree that relate to the welfare of an individual. Bereavement, love and other topics were part of the degree. I have also spent my life since the degree which I completed in 1990 reading self help books and they have given me a world of information to relate to. I am psychic and clairvoyant and I know how to read the tarot cards so I use the energies of external sources to help me get the answers to your questions. My external sources are my angels, guides and spirits. They are always present and around me.

31) Are you a medium or do you talk to dead people? In my field I come across dead people, relatives or friends of the client. I do not specialise in this field and would advise you to seek a medium who is a specialist. I would rather do tarot readings to make a clients life better amd give him or her the answers they are looking for to their questions. I would rather deal with the living. It is quite dangerous to delve in ougie boards and I have some experience of that when I was younger. Ougie boards can open a channel to bad spirits to enter this world. I would urge people not to follow that pathway if possible. Many people have had to be exorcised by priests as they are usually the only ones who can get rid of these bad spirits. If you are thinking of becoming a tarot reader be true to yourself. Do not go looking for such fields. You can find more information about this on google. You do not need to take my word for it.

32) Are you saying I should never see a medium if I need to talk to my loved one who has passed? No I am not saying that. I am saying be very careful when choosing to do this. When people pass they go to the spirit world and they sometimes stay around us after passing. This can freak people out and make this present life uncomfortable. Is that what you want for you and your family? One day you will meet them and we all have to die at some time. It was their time to go and you will go when it is your time to go. Let the way of nature be. If you still feel the need to contact your loved one who has passed please go ahead. There are many mediums that can easily be found on the internet who would be happy to help you.

Tina Sawhney - BSc Hons Psychology (1990), Diploma in Counselling Studies (2016)
Psychic Tarot Cards Reader


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Disclaimer – Your psychic reading is subject to your own personal interpretation. The information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice. Each client receiving a psychic reading is responsible for his or her own choices and actions. Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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