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My final assignment for my Diet and Nutrition Advisor Level 3 Course was, Write at least 1000 words on 'You are what you eat'. This was my reply.

I want to start with saying that, ‘You are what you eat’ means that to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food. So what are good foods and what are bad foods? Brillat-Savarin or Feuerbach stated that the food one eats has a bearing on what is one's state of mind and health. In the 1920s and 30s, the nutritionist Victor Lindlahr, who was a strong believer in the idea that food controls health, developed the Catabolic Diet. He stated that, "Ninety per cent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. You are what you eat." Foods to avoid in a healthy diet are fats and sugars. Foods that are good for us are fibre rich diets like bran, oats, muesli. One simple way to increase fibre intake is to power up on bran. Bran from many grains is very rich in dietary fibre. Oat bran is high in soluble fibre, which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels. Wheat, corn, and rice bran are high in insoluble fibre, which helps prevent constipation. They absorb water and are eventually excreted from the body. They provide many nutrients for our body. Fruit and vegetables also have fibre in them. Fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals are required in their desired levels every day and too little or too much causes diseases or illnesses. Diet does not mean eating to lose weight. It simply means eating the right types of food. These include eating the five a day which is constantly prescribed on the television and at GP receptions as well as on the side of buses these days. Each year the UK has a higher rate of obese people than before and this needs to be controlled to avoid the increasing mortality rates that occur due to this.

The five a day prescribed is made up of fruit and vegetables so it can be 3 fruits and 2 vegetables or 2 fruits and 3 vegetables but it does not mean 10 a day as an obese friend of mine seems to think. She eats 6 apples a day plus vegetables with her dinner she told me last week and I informed her that this is above the 5 a day health requirement. It is excessive for her daily needs. An average woman takes 1500 calories per day and an average man takes 2000 calories per day. Eating more than these requirements will lead to obesity. I told my friend that she can eat 3 apples per day though variation of fruits is recommended in order to attain the different nutrients offered by different fruits. She can have the balance of 2 vegetables on the same day as a salad or boiled vegetables with her meals. She said she works all day and cannot live without her 6 apples a day and she said to me how do I know what to eat when I myself am overweight.

I decided to do this Diploma in Diet and Nutrition Level 3 so that I can learn the facts about foods and learn to eat the correct way and become healthy. When reading about apples on this course it stated that excessive eating of apples is a craving for saturated fats which are meat pies, cakes, pastries, sausages. We crave the things our body is lacking in relation to nutrients. A craving for a food item is linked to what we are lacking in our body. Our body knows what it requires even though it seems our mind does not. An obese person may continue to eat junk food and cakes because they are addicted to food and they feel happiness in eating the food which they do not feel normally as being obese has its own problems of not being able to run, climb stairs without losing breath, their knees and feet swell up as they can no longer take their weight.

"Your eyes are bigger than your stomach" means that people tend to take more food than they can or should eat. I think this is true for a lot of people. I have chatted to many slim, fit people and asked them how they manage to stay slim, the answer is the same,’ I don’t eat sweets or oily foods and I love eating fruits. I like eating raw vegetables like carrots and celery. I do not eat chocolate or cakes’. There is your answer. Yes, there really are people like that.

The government has to pay using tax payers money for life threatening operations that occur every day due to obesity to save these people. In the past years the UK has suffered with food shortage and rations especially during the world wars that took place, bad hygiene as well as dirty environments and people would die much earlier than now. They were never fat during the world wars but they may die due to lack of nutrients required leading to diseases and illnesses. The average person would live to 40 years of age in 1800’s England. Now the average age to live in 2015 England is 81 years. This is continually rising due to better health and safety practices in the work, home, environment, medical advances, new drugs, medicines, cures to illnesses found.

Fats and sugars are good for you in the permitted amounts required per day but in the UK it is found that obesity is prevalent due to the high amounts that obese people intake of fats and sugars. They are found in pies, cakes, pastries, biscuits, fried foods like fish and chips, fatty meats, sausages. Some of these items can be substituted as in the case of having grilled fish and chips, grilled sausages, eating fruits instead of cakes and biscuits. This needs to be done from birth really as good habits stay with us if they have grown with us and the opposite applies for bad habits stay with us if they have grown with us. Children that lose teeth due to eating sugary foods and excessive acidic fruits or juices suffer as adults with dentures and having to get implanted teeth at a cost of thousands of pounds along with suffering decaying teeth and gums throughout life unless their food habits change.

You are what you eat is normally obvious from your body type. Appearance gives that one away. The 3 body types are thin, slim and fat. Ideally people should be slim as both being underweight and overweight leads to illnesses and diseases that can lead to death. Anorexia and bulimia are diseases that cause a person to become underweight and even die. Anorexia is where the person eats hardly at all and bulimia is where the person overeats and them vomits all the food out immediately after overeating. With both diseases, the body does not get the required nutrients. The person’s immune system breaks down and the person is unable to defend itself against colds and illnesses that the body fights off on a daily basis. Look at yourself in the mirror today and decide whether you want to make a change in your eating habits. When the mirror looks back at you, what does it say to you? Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach but the mirror speaks the truth. If you know someone who is anorexic or bulimic or perhaps you yourself are, when you look at that mirror, you may see a fat person in it when really you are underweight. Ask your friends or family to be honest and tell you whether you need to lose or put on weight. Even better everyone should see their local GP for a free health check from time to time and from there you will find out the truth also before it is too late. No-one should live in the dark with their health. You are what you eat.

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