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Book an Aromatherapy massage now. This session is for Women only.

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Aromatherapy uses essential oils that are thought to have healing properties. These oils are the concentrated essences taken from the flowers, fruit, seeds, leaves and bark of certain plants. There are about 400 essential oils, but only about 40 are commonly used in aromatherapy. Aromatherapists believe aromatherapy can boost well being, relieve stress and help to refresh your body.. Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils derived from plants to achieve therapeutic benefits. In aromatherapy massage, essential oils are usually mixed with a carrier oil like sweet almond, apricot kernel, or grapeseed oil.

A relaxing aromatherapy massage, for instance, might have lavender or bergamot, while a massage for sore muscles might include peppermint and eucalyptus. Before your first aromatherapy massage session, your massage therapist will conduct an initial consultation with you to learn about your desired outcome. They might ask about the current state of your work life, home life, physical health and mental state to learn about what you need. How does aromatherapy work?

There are a couple of theories to explain how aromatherapy might work. The first is that you directly absorb the oils through the skin into your bloodstream. The oil can then travel through your body and have an effect on a specific organ or function in your body. Aromatherapy massage is the alternative therapeutic technique which combines the natural therapeutic properties of the essential oils and the healing power of massage therapy. Aromatherapy massage is performed on nude clients though we ask all our clients to wear knickers or elastic shorts during the treatment; however the therapist will leave the room so that you can undress in privacy. Aromatherapy massage not only has powerful physical, emotional and mental effects but it is also described as a great relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

The benefits of aromatherapy massage affect a wide range of health conditions of nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, immune and muscular systems. Aromatherapy massage is a pleasant method for mental clarity, relaxation, stress and headaches alleviation. What can I expect during an aromatherapy massage? After the consultation, one or more essential oils are selected based on what you need and are mixed in with the massage oil or lotion. The subtle aroma of the essential oils fill the air around you during the massage. AROMATHERAPY FULL BODY MASSAGE BENEFITS: * Relaxes, balances and harmonizes the body. * Reduces stress. * Strengthens the entire body and supports the body in its own healing process. * Encourages a healthy immune system to fight infection.  


AromaTherapy uses fragrant oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits to naturally enhance the benefits of massage.  

Benefits of AromaTherapy Blends

Aroma Therapy - Anxiety Release

Aches & Pains:

Promotes circulation, helps aid tissue recovery and decreases pain
Specifically designed to promote circulation, this warming blend of AromaTherapy includes clove, sweet birch, rosemary and cypress helps aid tissue recovery after physical exertion. Additionally, the unique combination of aromatics are traditionally used to decrease pain in muscles and joints.

Aroma Therapy - Anxiety Release

Anxiety Release:

Eases nervousness, irritability and apprehension
This relaxing blend promotes a sense of inner peace and harmony while easing nervousness, irritability, and apprehension. Known for their calming properties, lavender, chamomile and vetiver are combined with uplifting aromas of citrus and clary sage. The result of this AromaTherapy technique? Pure tranquility.

AromaTherapy - Lavander Garden

Lavender Garden:

Reduces inflammation, calms the mind and promotes restful sleep
A foundation of patchouli, grapefruit and sweet orange help highlight two unique lavender oils. First, English true lavender is used to both reduce pain and inflammation, and act as a mild antidepressant and calming agent. Next, lavender helps support the respiratory system, aid in natural detoxification and promote restful sleep.

AromaTherapy - Mint & Rosemary

Mint & Rosemary:

Enlivens the body and mind by increasing circulation
Lively and fun, this AromaTherapy combination of mint oils spun with rosemary enlivens the mind and body. Peppermint is high in natural menthol, which aids in pain relief and cools the body while increasing circulation. Research shows that it also stimulates the area of the brain that releases noradrenalin, causing people in one study to perform tasks more effectively that required sustained attention.

6 Treatments are recommended for the therapy to work to its full potential. Have a course of 6 massages and you will get the 7th treatment for half price and this will need to be paid for by paypal. The therapist will send you a payment request by email to pay for the 7th treatment. When you first visit us you will need to go through a consulatation sheet with the therapist to verify that you do not have any contra-indications to the therapy that will be given to you. On your first session, you will need to arrive 15 minutes before your treatment in order to fill in the consultation sheet, after which the therapist will be going through this sheet with you. Please bring your doctor’s details with you when you come. We will not be contacting your GP without your written consent.



  1. Drink lots of fluids especially water and herbal teas for at least 12 hours after treatment. This helps to flush the toxins and stops dehydration for the client. Aromatherapy encourages lymphatic flow. The more you drink, the more your body flushes out its toxins. Avoid a bath or shower for 6 - 12 hours after treatment. It takes 3 – 4 hours for the oil to be absorbed into the skin. Do not have a sauna, steambath, sunbed or go swimming within 12 hours of having a treatment. This causes further dehydration. With swimming, chlorine can combine with the chemical of the essential oil and this can be toxic.
  2. Avoid using a hairdryer for 6 – 8 hours after the treatment due to dehydration. This also can cause a build up of heat and this is not good for you. Cut down or cut out your tea, coffee and do not drink any alcohol on the day you have an aromatherapy treatment. Avoid strenuous exercise prior or after the treatment.
  3. Do not have a heavy meal 2 hours prior to a treatment and 6 hours after the treatment. This is because if you have eaten, your digestive system is working at full steam and it takes time for food to be digested. This can cause you to feel sick if the therapist is working on your abdomen. Also the body cannot concentrate solely on detoxification if it requires the digestion of your food to be completed also.
  4. Try to have a nice relaxing day. Do not go shopping. The treatment can cause toxins to build up which can cause a headache or nausea. Allow rest for 15 minutes after your treatment. Clients taking homeopathy remedies should contact the practitioner about the treatment. They can get advice from him. If you are taking any homeopathic medicines these may cause an irritation or a problem when the chemicals in the medicine become mixed with the essential oils that are absorbed into your blood stream. The same applies toany other medicines you are taking.
  5. Take fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid red meat. Drink 4 pints of water if possible to flush out the toxins from your body. Try to do some exercises especially stretching exercises as these are good for you. There are many alternative therapies that you may wish to try. Some examples are Chinese Herbalism, Homeopathy, Crystal Therapy, Bach Flower remedies, Feng Shui, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Affirmations and Visualilsations, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Spiritual and Absent Healing.
  6. The Alexander Technique is very good as it teaches you about posture; stand and walk with your back straight, sit with your back straight, pick up items from the floor by squatting which is bending your knees and then pick up the item keeping your back straight when doing this.
  7. Post-nasal crisis; this is where you may suffer from nausea, headaches, stomach rumbling, runny nose, sneezing, runny eyes, skin might break out in spots cleansing the body, bowels may open frequently where you have to keep running to the toilet, feeling emotional after an aromatherapy treatment. This is where the body gets wors before it gets better. It is part of the h ealing programme where your body has to get rid of its toxins first and in doing so the above after effects may take place. However in a day or so you will feel much better. Please give the therapist feedback on how you felt about the treatment; after you have had it, 5 hours afterwards and then the next day how did you feel? This helps us to evaluate how effective the treatment was, and whether to change it to make it more effective.

I offer tarot readings by email, telephone, skype or face to face. I do swedish massage, aromatherapy and reflexology treatments.  Telephone readings are as accurate as face to face readings. Book your Tarot Cards Reading or Swedish Massage/Aromatherapy / Reflexology Massage below. You can have a tarot cards reading and then a massage. You will be stress free and relaxed after you have visited me.  There is free parking near me. If you prefer I can visit you for your treatment but charges are slightly higher to cover the cost for my travel to get to you.


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